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Who We Are

We are CFR, a team of creative individuals intent on bringing opportunity, advancement, knowledge and entertainment to the world via blockchain technologies and crypto assets.

CFR's philosophy is pretty simple. Build stuff that's fun, useful, easy to use and profitable for everyone.


CFR uses all manners of research to define and determine specific needs, desires and wants in the market place that we can creatively fill and/or invest in.


Using our research to guide us we seek the most creative and innovative ways to design each project.


Our highly skilled experts build each project using the best tools and resources available while always keeping an intent eye on budget and deadline.


Promotion begins at the beginning of the cycle as the CFR Community is made aware. Upon launch the Community shares in the rewards based on their participation and there are many ways to do that i.e. helping us promote CFR; by bringing value in some way to the Community and to our projects; investing time and resources, etc.

Our Works

Here's a glimpse of the growing CFR Universe. Check out our current projects and works in progress (click images).


Our Mission

Our mission at CFR is simply to help bring prosperity, health and happiness to individuals the world over regardless of their location or income status.

    We hope you join us in creating and sharing this great mission with the world. “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar

A family type community with a very involved owner that shares his trading and marketing experience that others charge for. It's a big win win win with CFR.

Jeff Mize Internet Marketing Coach

When I have acted on recommendations I've received from CFR the results have ranged from pleasant to downright exciting.

Wesley Arnold Entrepreneur & Investor

Since I joined CFR I got a lot of information about cryptocurrencies and now have a much better understanding of this business.

Gerard Sanfourchie Financial Consultantt

I love the VIP email content and free training here that I can share with my buddies. Massive educational value.

Dee Gabinet Gabinet Marketing

I probably wouldn't have invested in cryptocurrencies at all if it wasn't for CFR. I didn't know enough about it and was very skeptical. CFR has given me the education about investing, trading, how to read the markets and much more.

Linda Hoknes Bitcoin Wealth Group

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